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Tips from a Lawn Service on Yellow Lawns

Even though a yellow lawn is unsightly, it doesn’t mean there is a problem. As is sometimes the case, yellow spots in a garden can normally be resolved. There are numerous reasons for having a yellow lawn. Identifying the cause will quickly alleviate, if not eliminate, complexities with yellow grass.

Seasonal temperatures will sometimes begin the yellowing or browning on grass, as it is preparing for dormancy. So, it helps to be familiar with the kind of lawn grass you actually have. It makes it easier to see if and when the grass enters a dormancy period. Usually, warm season grass becomes dormant within the fall or winter. Cool season ones, though, could start to fade as early as the summer. To help reduce discolor that is connected with dormancy, overseed using another kind of grass.

Often, it is the soil which is responsible for a lawn going yellow. Bad soil contributes to various problems, such as nutrient deficiencies. It also makes grass more open to such things as diseases and pests. Changing the soil using compost will alleviate most soil problems, ranging from bad drainage to incorrect pH levels.

In addition to this, fertilizer could be needed to repair a yellowing lawn. The most common thing which is connected to yellow spots in a lawn is the lack of nutrients, like nitrogen, for example. Extra nitrogen, used properly, can sometimes restore the natural color of yellow grass. Iron deficiencies also contribute to a yellowing lawn. This can be corrected by adding iron supplements.

Yellowing grass can, at time, be a result from disease or pests. Pests, like worm infestations, will play a big part in the yellowing of grass within lawn areas. Diseases, like yellow patch, can be sometimes be fatal to lawns. The best defence against this is prevention. In some situations though, a lawn could need reseeding to repair the problem. But, if none of the above have worked, then you need to call in a professional lawn service provider. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

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